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05 Jun 2019
How to Pick Up the Right Backpack for Your Kid in 7 Easy Steps!

Every ear millions of parents across the globe struggle to buy the right backpack for their children. In modern times, school backpack is more than its functionality what it used to be two decades ago. It has become a style statement and even a status symbol for some. Parents often get confused on whether to select a backpack which is cool and fashionable or a backpack which has high functionality and is easy on the neck and back of kids.

Keeping all these problems in mind, we have come up with 7 easy steps by which you can select the right backpack for the new academic session.

  1. 1. Weight of the backpack! Weight of the backpack is one of the most important factors that have to be taken into consideration. According to research a total weight of the backpack should not exceed 10 to 15 percent of the weight of the child. So depending on the weight of the things that has to be put in the backpack, the weight of the backpack should be selected.
  1. 2. Packing! It is not necessary to stuff everything inside the backpack. Monitor that only essential things are put inside. The heaviest thing should be near the back of the child. The heaviest thing should not have any sharp edges. You can go for a padded backpack for added comfort of kids.
  1. 3. Size and fit! Another important factor is the size of the backpack. It should not only rest on the curve of the lower back but should also fit snugly on the back. Length should never be more than 2 inches below the waistline. Waist straps for distributing the weight on the back and padded shoulder straps on both shoulders are essential.
  1. 4. Features: A good backpack is the one which allows systematic assembling of all the belongings. It should not only add to the convenience of the user but should also distribute the weight in a backpack and prevent moving of things. Separate key holders, cell phone holder, water bottle holder, pen holder, and similar things are helpful.
  1. 5. Durability! Durability is another factor that shall be taken into consideration. Going for renowned brands known for its quality backpack is a good idea. Lose threads, lose edges of raw fabric, uneven stitching are some symptoms of low-quality manufacturing. Quality of zippers used in the backpack is another important criterion that has to be taken into consideration.
  1. 6. Style! Today styles have become an important criterion for the students. Backpacks available in bright colors and striking designs have become a style statement. But it is always advisable for not letting style out weight safety, size and other features of the backpack.
  1. 7. Price! There is no denial of the fact that you get what you pay for. In order to survive fierce competition manufacturers do not overprice their backpacks. You need to look for a decent backpack with good features at a decent price.
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