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24 Oct 2019
Choose backpacks wisely to keep kids safe and happy!

If you think the design is the only criterion for backpack selection, then you are highly mistaken. There is much more into a backpack for kids then just its design. It has been often observed that parents are very meticulous at the time of buying clothes for children. They see quality, comfort, fabric, and feel. But they seldom remember this criterion at the time of buying backpacks. This is not right as the backpack is something that your kid will be carrying throughout. The year. Being a parent we always want our kids to be safe and happy. Buying the right backpack can keep them safe from back injuries and pain.

There are a plethora of backpack manufacturers who are selling backpacks left and right. Some of them are reputable companies that sell good quality products but some others don’t even care about quality and substandard stuff poor in quality. Quality of the backpack can play a very important role in keeping your kids safe and happy throughout the year. This never means you should only buy super expensive branded backpacks manufactured by big companies. Everyone has their own budget and you have full right to stay within the limits of your budget. But you should neither go for super expensive backpacks nor for cheap stuff available at very cheap rates. There are many manufacturers who are selling good quality stuff at a reasonable price. Look at their range of products and then make a selection.

  • 1. As a parent, your number one priority should be that the backpack you are buying should be durable. Don’t go for backpacks that have cheap plastic lining over it. That lining is usually brittle and chips off easily with the weight of the books. It will not only be a total waste of your money but it will also expose the sharp ends hidden inside the plastic. These sharp ends may scratch the child and are very unsafe for the child. Invest in a backpack that is durable so that they can be used for long without any wear and tear in it.
  • 2. Another thing to be taken into consideration is the quality of the zipper of the backpack. Zippers also knew as fasteners actually keep everything safely inside the backpack. Poor quality zippers often snap back and it can hurt the child during fastening or unfastening of the zipper. Apart from that poor quality zippers may get torn from the backpack if it is over-stuffed. So it is always advisable to buy a backpack in which zippers with good quality and high strength have been used.
  • 3. Another safety criterion for a backpack is its strength. You are buying a backpack so that you can keep the belongings of your child safe and secure without the fear of stuff falling from the backpack. It is advisable to look for a backpack with reinforced stitching. Such backpacks have high tensile strength and they do not get torn with heavy-weight put into them. You will definitely not want your child’s belongings falling in the middle of the road just because his or her backpack could not bear the load and it got torn.
  • 4. Cost should never be the criterion for the selection of the backpack. As discussed earlier it is not necessary that expensive backpacks are of good quality or cheap backpacks are of bad quality. Some reputed manufacturers can also sell poor quality stuff just by hiding it under their brand name. so instead of looking at things like cost and brand name, look at the quality of the product, quality of zipper and lining used in it, comfort the shoulder straps are offering and strength of the backpack to make the right selection.
  • 5. One very often seen serious trouble associated with backpacks for kids is posture change of the kids. Due to heavy load filled inside the backpack, the kids start slouching and it is not at all a good sign. This problem is more common in toddlers than grown-up children. As a parent, it is very important to take care of this problem. We should find a backpack in which weight is equally distributed throughout the backpack and it does not add any pressure on the waist or spine of the kid.
  • 6. Another difficulty associated with a backpack is that kids are not able to wear them by themselves. It has been often seen that parents have to help them to wear a backpack. It can be due to a small or tight shoulder strap. Look for a backpack whose shoulder strap is big enough to be worn by the kid itself. It should also have padding to eliminate any kind of pressure and strain on the shoulders of the kid.
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