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27 Feb 2020
Inspire the young minds with beautiful cartoon printed wall clocks!

All the people who have decorated kid’s bedroom even once knows that wall art is a superb way of making a style statement in the room. It not only draws the eyes of the onlookers but also fills the space which would otherwise get converted into negative space. There is no denial of the fact that walls without wall art, especially in a kid’s bedroom, look unfinished and barren.

Cartoon printed wall clocks are one of the easiest and best ways of decorating walls of a kid’s bedroom. They can easily get synched with the nursery print theme of the room. They are more like an extension or complement to the theme of the room and play a very important role in pulling all the colors and the patterns used in the room together.

Children function the best in such surroundings!
It is an established fact that children function the best when they are surrounded by lively colors, inviting patterns and creativity. You can think of endless nursery theme prints that can be printed on the wall clocks. These endless themes will invoke endless imagination in the young minds who will be living in the room. In a way by getting these cartoon printed wall clocks for your children you are filling them with n number of creative possibilities.

Children learn, play and relax in their comfortable space!
Kid’s bedroom or nursery is their own small little world where they play, learn, dream and relax. You can choose a print or a theme that suits their interest and personality but also offers a lot of scopes to express their creativity. If experts of early childhood development and early childhood education are to be believed, then bold and colorful cartoon prints add a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in the room. It fills the room with fresh energy. It can play a very positive role in inspiring the child to perform with the same bold and colorful spirit. Background of landscape or scenery behind that cartoon can give a soothing effect to the otherwise charged room.

Various scenes like the carnival Ferris wheel, mermaid tea party, planets revolving in mesmerizing outer space, etc. can be a sheer delight to their imagination. The young mind of your budding astronaut will feel amazed by having a wall clock of planets and outer space in his or her room. Disney princess or a tea party on the wall clock when matched with similarly themed things in the room, will definitely invoke the feel of real princess castle and your darling daughter can role play feeling to be a real princess.

You can even match the wall clock and the bedding with prints of dinosaurs or other animal prints. Elephants in a jungle Safari or big and colorful giraffes along with black and white zebras make a wonderful selection for decorating the room of young boy busy exploring nature and animal world around him.

Some of the classic prints for cartoon printed wall cocks are sailboats, paisley, floral designs and abstract arrangements of various geometric designs. The use of abstract geometric patterns arrangement in the room create ample scope for brain gym activities for the children.

Personalization of wall clocks will be cherry on the top!
It will be interesting to note that personalizing a cartoon printed wall clock with the name of the child will add a lot of meaning to the entire activity of kid’s room decoration. Personalization of the wall clock will not only give your kids a sense of ownership and pride but they will have all the more emotions and sentiments attached to the clock. They will look at it with a lot more affection and even think of preserving it for long.

A personalized wall clock is a wonderful way to encourage children to look at the clock and learn to read what time it is. They will be learning various hour, minute and second combinations faster as compared to children who do not have an interesting clock to look at and read the time.

It can be family fun!
Cartoon printed wall clock in a well-designed nursery or a bedroom will not only be whimsical and exciting for the kids, but the parents will also get ample opportunities to be kids again. They can cherish their childhood memories when they were so fond of looking at various cartoon prints and owning things that had such prints over it.

Neon clocks are functional and beautiful!
Another variety of cartoon printed wall clocks are neon clocks that are not only beautiful but also have high functionality. These clocks glow in dark and your child will be able to see what time it is even when the lights are off. These clocks add to the aesthetic value of the room.

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