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19 Aug 2019
Top 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas Loved By Kids!

Filling small tummies of our young ones with the healthy and nutrition-packed meal is a plight of every mother. When nature bestowed that responsibility on me, like every other mother I too panicked. After a lot of hit and trial, I realized being rigid for kids meal is neither going to help you not your little ones. You need to be flexible, innovative and full of choices to invoke the interest of your little ones in eating food.

Keeping all the above things in mind we have come up with some amazing lunch ideas which are not only healthy and packed with nutrition but will make lunchtime easier and interesting.

  1. 1. Fresh Fruits! Fresh fruits neatly peeled and cut in slices is the treat for the eyes of children. Colour smell and flavor of fresh fruits never fail to attract kids. You can take kids to the supermarket and encourage them to buy fruits of their choices. Fresh fruit slices dipped in chocolate sauce is another delight for the kids. Apart from taste and flavor, fresh fruits are the storehouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  1. 2. Veggies! Making kids eat veggies is a task in itself. You will need to invest some time and your kids will fall in love with their veggies. If possible do some gardening with kids and grow veggies in your kitchen garden. Kids will love the veggies which they have grown themselves. You can mix veggies with choice of hummus or peanut butter and add exotic flavors to the veggies.
  1. 3. Replace chips with other healthy options! There is no denial of the fact that kids love eating chips. But there are many healthy options which can easily replace chips in their lunch box. You can put granola bars, pretzels and wheat crackers in the lunch box. They are available in exotic flavors. You can also mix cereals with nuts, raisins, and other dry fruits. They not only taste amazing but can easily be packed for lunch.
  1. 4. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Tweaking a recipe a bit and coming up with a healthier version is an art which every mother becomes perfect in eventually. Whole wheat waffles or toast can be a great replacement of traditionally used white bread toast. You can use crushed pineapples in place of jam. You can also as slices of banana, apple, orange or kiwi in place of jelly which has far more sugar than natural fruits. Peanut butter always tastes awesome when used in a sandwich.
  1. 5. Egg! Eggs are one of the most versatile food which can be used in lunch boxes of the kids. You can either beat them and prepare omelet or fry them and add some cream cheese to prepare a delicacy for you little one. The egg is a nutrition-packed food which you kids will savor during lunch.

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