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26 Apr 2019
Best ways to introduce shapes to your Kids

Introducing your toddler to any new concept is a mammoth task for every parent; be it numbers, colors or shapes.

We will make your task a little simpler. Here are some fun ideas that you can use to teach your child shapes.

The Shape Sorter: This is one toy that every child has and it is indeed a useful one. You can introduce this as early as 12 months. Even if your child doesn't know the shape yet, the feel of the blocks and inserting them in the box will be a great game. Eventually, the child will get a hang of the blocks and over time start recognizing shapes.

Matching Game: This is another fun activity that you can do with your toddler when teaching shapes. You can draw various shapes on a sheet of paper. Arrange colorful cut-outs for the same shapes. Let your child match the cut-outs with the ones on the sheet.

Shapes in Everyday Objects: Make shape recognition a part of everyday life. Help your child identify shapes with objects that are already available around. Square and rectangle can be quizzed using cushions. Pancakes are circular and a pizza slice triangular.

Cooking Shapes: Bring shapes to the table. Bake cookies in different shapes. You can also make sandwiches and pancakes in different shapes.

Hope these ideas come handy when you plan to teach your kids shapes. You can also play shape recognition game by creating shapes with appliqués on our "name of the bag". Check out various Lifestyle Backpacks for Kids with color variations.