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06 Sep 2019
Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe From The Scorching Sun This Summer!

Summertime is fun and playtime. Summers mean a lot of outdoor play, swimming, spending time on the beach and many other leisure activities. Summers can be equally tricky as they are fun. The scorching heat from the sun can expose your toddlers to many problems. We have come up with some amazing tips for childproofing your child and making them summer safe.

  1. 1. A generous application of sunscreen! Sunburns are one of the most common problems seen in toddlers during summers. The soft and sensitive skin of toddlers, when exposed to excessive heat, can also lead to skin cancer. It is always advisable to apply a generous amount of sunscreen of SPF 15 or above before taking your kids out in sun. It will protect the sensitive skin of your little one from harmful UV rays.
  1. 2. Staying hydrated! Another key to childproofing this summers is keeping your child hydrated. Excessive heat such the water out from your toddler’s body and make him or her feel tired, dizzy and exhausted. Making the kid drink one glass of water every thirty minutes will not only restore the fluid balance in their body but also keep them cool in the hot summer season. Keeping children hydrated becomes all the more important if the kid is involved in some physically demanding activity.
  1. 3. Keep kids in shades! Keeping kids in shades especially between 10 AM to 4 PM when the sun is brightest is very important. Look for places which are shady and breezy to play. Buy a hat with a brim to protect direct sunlight falling in the eyes of the kids. Buy good quality sunglasses with IV rays protection for protecting the sensitive eyes of children from harmful ultraviolet rays. Never forget to carry an umbrella when you step out on a hot summer afternoon.
  1. 4. Rashes and insect bites! Another common problem faced by most of the kids in summer season is skin rashes and insect bites. Excessive heat and sweating can often lead to rashes under the chin, underarms, diaper rashes and other such sensitive places. Put some good quality kid’s talcum powder all over the body to avoid rashes. Another common problem faced in summers is insect bite as a number of insects increase in the vicinity. Look for a good quality kid-friendly insect repellent. Apply that repellent on clothes of your toddler and not on the skin as these insect repellent containing DEET which can be directly absorbed by the skin. Always remember to wash off the repellent once it is not required.
  1. 5. Clothes! Another important factor that has to be taken into consideration is the clothes of the kids. There is no point in layering and bundling the kids with clothes and making them all the more uncomfortable. Instead, look for light cotton clothes with loose-fitting. Go for light and pastel colors which are cool to the eyes. Change clothes frequently to keep kids fresh and dry.
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