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26 Apr 2019
Kids love snacking! Tips to keep your little ones away from junk food

Healthy snacking is a habit that must be instilled since childhood. Parents often complain about their kids binging on chocolates and soda but are the kids really to blame?

The external environment is uncertain; however, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and encourage your child to imbibe the same.

Here are some simple ways in which you can encourage healthy eating at home.

1. Stock your kitchen with healthy food: If you have soda and chocolates in the refrigerator where the kids can easily see or reach them then you can't blame them for whining for them. They are kids after all! Stock your main fridge with good you want your kids to eat. Keep your unhealthy stash tucked away where only you can reach.

2. You be healthy: You cannot expect your child to eat fruit if you don't. Kids excel at imitating. If you are eating healthy your child is most likely to follow.

3. Make it Fun: make healthy food look like fun. Get multi-compartment lunch/snack boxes. Fill them with food in different colors like sweet corn (yellow), strawberries (red), grapes (green) and so on. It makes the food look attractive to kids and they are more likely to eat it.

4. Serve in Style: Invest in tableware for your child. Serve them healthy food in it cut in different patterns. Carrot and cucumber sticks in two compartments with boiled beetroot cut in a triangular shape in another one is a wonderful start. You can have a lot of fun with pancakes and paranthas too when it comes to serving a little differently.

Hope these suggestions help your child to eat healthily! Don't miss to check out our latest collection of lunch boxes and tableware. Stay healthy stay fit!