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23 Mar 2020
Some Very Useful Tips to Pick the Right Footwear For Your Kids!

Buying footwear for children is not a very difficult task. You get a plethora of beautiful, colorful, casual, and formal and a smart range of footwear in the market. You can easily select a pair based on your choice and requirement. What exactly poses difficulty in buying the correct pair of footwear for the child. Children grow very fast and like their clothes, they outgrow their footwear also at a rapid space. Keeping an eye on clothes getting shorter is easier as compared to predicting when you will need a new pair of footwear. At times you feel that the footwear have become tighter overnight.

1. So first and foremost tip for the parents is to keep two to three pairs of footwear for your child. If you have an extra pair of footwear then you will not face any difficulty at the time when you are going out and suddenly the footwear gets tight. The extra footwear can come for your rescue at the time of crisis. Though parents keep that extra pair till children start buying their own footwear but in younger children whose feet grow much faster as compared to the one in their teens, it is mandatory.

2. The second tip is about how you will know that the child needs new footwear. In young children, you can generally not judge the situation just by looking at the footwear or the feet. You need to observe things when you are actually making the child wear the footwear. If the heel of the child is rubbing against the back of the footwear then it is time to go to the shoe store and buy a new pair of footwear for your little one. Apart from that you also need to find out whether the toe is rubbing to other ends of the footwear. If it is so then also you need to buy a new pair of footwear. Check for damages like holes in the sole or sole of the footwear coming off. Or in case of any wear and tear, you will need to buy a new pair of footwear. You cannot make your child keep wearing torn, damaged or smaller size footwear as it is not only unsafe and may hamper their feet but it will also affect their pride in public.

3. When you decide to buy a new pair of footwear for your kids and you are shopping alone, the best way is to look at the size of the footwear they are currently wearing. You can take one size bigger than that. You can also measure the length and breadth of the feet of the child and then buy footwear accordingly. The salesperson at the stores selling footwear for kids can easily help you buy new shoes if you have the measurements with you. Based on the measurements he can suggest the accurate size that will not only be comfortable to your child but will also last for at least six months.

4. Though experts suggest when you are shopping for footwear for kids it is better to take them with you on shopping. By this, you can make them try different pairs of footwear and look by yourself which pair is fitting them snugly and is comfortable to them. Children can even tell you whether the footwear is comfortable or is tight or some part of the footwear is hurting their feet and so on. Apart from that when kids shop for themselves, of course under adult supervision, it develops a decisiveness in them. They are able to choose from n number of options given to them. And they feel closer and attached to the thing.

5. Some key factors which have to be kept above fashion and style when buying footwear for kids are flexibility, ventilation, and comfort of the shoes. Wearing footwear should not be a lifetime struggle for the child. He should be able to wear it easily without any extra effort. Apart from that his or her feet should not feel suffocated and sweaty inside the footwear or else he will always refrain from wearing it. When you have landed on a range of comfortable footwear, it’s time to look for fashion and style of it.

6. Kid’s footwear also needs to be attractive, colorful and stylish to add to the adorability and cuteness of the overall appearance of the child. These days you get many beautiful varieties having different motifs, embellishments, prints, and colors.

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