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26 Apr 2019
Quick Tips to Introduce Colors to your Kids

Now, who doesn’t love colors? As a parent of a toddler, one is constantly trying to introduce and teach colors to their kids. Every child takes their own time to learn. However, with this post, we will try to make your job of teaching colors a little easier.

Following are some simple tips that can come handy when teaching colors:

1. One Colour at a Time: start with introducing your child with one color. Take a basket or a box and fill it with all things red. Objectify each thing in the basket. For example, the basket had a red car, a red pencil, a red glass and so on.

2. Colors as a Part of Everyday Routine: Define the color of everything around you. Fetch your child’s help and ask him/her to get his/her PURPLE block or YELLOW scooter. Show the child that tree is green; the bag is blue and so on.

3. Colour Sorting Activities: color sorting activities are a wonderful way to keep your child engaged and also teach some colors. You can use different colored glasses and get pom pins or beads or buttons in the same colors. Ask your child to put the right pompom/bead/button in the right color glass.

Hope your child enjoys learning the concept of colors. You can shop our set of rainbow glasses online now.