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22 Jul 2019
Why Sipper Bottles are Popular and Beneficial for usage with Kids?

Over the time stainless steel bottles have gained a lot of popularity over regular plastic bottles available in the market. All thanks to the wide array of features and benefits over regular plastic bottles that both students and have started preferring the former over later. The icing on the cake is the availability of bottle in a plethora of colors, designs, shapes and sizes which further increases its aesthetic value, functionality, and usability.

High Availability!
First and foremost, the advantage of the sipper bottle is that it is easily available in both online and offline stores in a plethora of size, design, shapes, and material.

Stainless steel sipper bottles!
If you do not prefer using plastic bottles for full-day use, then you also get sports sipper bottles made of stainless steel. These stainless-steel bottles are awesome when you need to store water at a particular temperature for a longer period of time. Apart from that, it is BPA free, so safe for use by both kids and adults.

Plastic sipper bottles!
Like stainless steel bottles, plastic bottles also have a wide variety and high functionality. A good brand makes these sipper bottles with high-quality food-grade plastic which is BPA free. Apart from that, they can be easily cleaned using soap and water. It is beneficial to use plastic bottles from the point of view of hygiene. You cannot clean stainless steel bottles with soap and water regularly as soap will damage the body of the bottle. But plastic bottles can be cleaned on a daily basis.

Lightweight and leak-proof!

Another benefit of the sipper bottle is that it is light in weight. You can easily carry these bottles in your school bags or sports bag. They usually come with a screw lock which makes them leak proof. You will not need to worry about wetting your books or sports gear with these bottles when you carry them in your bag.

High functionality!
Apart from easy and hygienic handling, sipper bottles also offer high functionality and easy usability. It is very easy and convenient to drink water from these bottles. They are spill-proof and you can drink water from these bottles in a moving vehicle, during a jog or while playing. You can use these bottles to carry energy drinks during sports sessions.

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