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19 Jun 2019
Amazing Design Tips for Creative Room Decor for Your Kids!

People often ask interior designers, what is the key to successful designing of kid’s room. And what most designers answer is fun. Fun is the most important principle of design that can help you in designing a beautiful kid’s room. When you keep fun as the main motive, ideas will start flowing like electricity. Here as a designer your main role and objective are to add functionality and efficiency to those fun driven ideas. If you are able to add function and style in other fun driven ideas then you will definitely get a winning kid’s room.

Kid’s room is usually designed using the following elements of design.

  1. 1. Colour- If you think the color selection of kid’s bedroom is a complex task, you’re completely wrong. Let them pick colors for their room and they will pick nothing less than the best. Just let the kids do the color selection and mission is accomplished. They will intuitively select color combinations which will suit the room in the best possible way. You can choose three or four complimentary colors based on the color scheme selected by the kids. You can use those colors at the time of accessorizing or for an accent of the original color scheme. Don’t forget that ceiling is another surface which has to be a part of the color scheme for a complete look of the room.
  2. 2. Storage- Kids have so much stuff that no amount of storage you create, it seems to be less. Storage of the room should be designed in such a way that it not only accommodates all the stuff but it should also offer ample play area for the kids and it should be at a height which is easily accessible by the kids. Storage should be designed in such a way that cleaning up should be fun for the kids. Again fun is the most important thing in designing the storage.
  3. 3. Space and Scale- Another very important criterion for kid’s room is space and scale. A giant empty space in the center of kid’s room is a blessing. It is the place where they can roll on the floor with their puppy or build a big lego city with their friends. The scale of the room should be such that everything should be at usable height for the kids. If ceiling it too high paint dark colors of it to give a cozy look to the room.
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